Saturday, July 5, 2014

June Favorites

This past month I have had a few small items that I just can not get enough of. I love them so much, that I wanted to share them with you. So here are some of my June favorites, as if you couldn't figure that out already.

Well that was a long name to type. But with that being said, I am in love with this product. Before summer started, I knew that I needed to find a good sea salt spray. After trying a few out, I have to say that this spray was the best. One thing you have to know, is that I have long, thin, straight hair that does not hold a curl or wave for anything. So it is hard to find any product that works on my hair. That is why I am in love with this spray. It does add texture and volume to my hair, which normally does not happen. It also holds a curl a little bit longer then it would have lasted with my normal hair and some hair spray. This spray I might be using throughout the entire summer.

My favorite color is blue. So this nail polish is the perfect color for me. I love this shade of blue because it just reminds me of summer and the beach. Its so bright and pretty. I wish I could sit here and go on about how much I love this nail polish, but its nail polish. There is not to much to it besides the color. I just love the color so much. Plus, Essie nail polish last pretty long without "chipping off" or "flaking."

Now I have very sensitive skin that also happens to be a little oily and shiny in some places. This makes it hard to find makeup that dose not irritate my skin and make it look even shinier. So when I tried this Revlon concealer, I was pleasantly surprised. Usually during the summer I try my best to go make up free just because of the heat and it just feels better. But when I do go out, I need a little concealer to help cover up spots, redness, and my dark circles (naturally there, I have always had them.) This concealer works really well and helps to really cover up my spots. It also dose not make my skin irritated or anything. Its awesome and I cant wait to use it again in the future.

I have been looking for a good foundation that could actually last the heat and sweat that comes with summer. As I told you before, I have oily skin. So on top of sweat, my foundation has to resist oil. This all sounds so nasty, oops. But its the truth. This makes it a little harder to find a good foundation that actually does its job on top of dealing with all that other stuff. With that being said, I believe that I have found the perfect foundation for me during the summer. One of the first things I noticed about this foundation was how light it is. I hate the feeling of a thick, heavy foundation weighing down my skin. Plus I think it causes more acne on my skin. But I don't know that for sure. But this foundation is awesome and I am happy it is in my life.

As you may already know, I am advent reader who just can't get enough. So I came a upon this book one day will I was just going through the library. When I read the cover and saw who the author was, I realized that this book was highly recommend and was being made into a movie. That is how I ended up reading this amazing book. I'm sure you really don't care to hear that story. You want to hear what I thought about it and what the book is about. Well to answer your question, the book is about how a young girl, Mia, who is a talented musician who has a great life ahead of her. But all of this is suddenly changed when her family and herself are in a horrible car accident that takes the lives of her entire family and her stuck in between life and death. Leaving Mia faced with the nearly impossible challenge of choosing to stay and live or go with her family and die. I found this book to be very moving and touching. I was left feeling a little but more grateful for my life and the people that make my life to special. It had a great flow of going between her past and her present. Giving you an idea as to why she makes the decision that she does. It is an incredible book that I am glad I picked up.
Well there are some of my June favorites. I hope you enjoyed and found this to be a little helpful. Sorry I did not include more but these are my top five. Leave a comment below telling me what your June favorites are. Maybe even tell me if you have tried any of the items listed above. Till next time my friends,

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