Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Falling with....Faith - Tag

Hello my beautiful friends! I am back with another incredible tag. This tag is sort of like your regular Fall tag, but with a little twist. I was tagged by the ever so gorgeous Emily from the blog Wiyld. Please go over to her awesome blog and give her some love because she deserves it. Thank you so much Emily for tagging me, it means a lot! Lets begin shall we?
1- If you could fall for one of your eyebrows, which would it be?
I have never really thought about this before. But I would have to probably say my left only because it does not need to be managed as much as the right one.
2- If a celebrity could fall for you, who would you want it to be?
Are you kidding me? I have such a long list. Plus I have a feeling my mother will see this and will never let this go if I pick one. But none the less, I must lol. I would have to say Dylan O'Brian. Just because he seems like a goof ball and a little bit of a geek. God that was hard to choose from.
3- If you could fall and land anywhere on earth, where would it be?
This is a good question. I would have to say Boston because my mom has always loved it there and I have wanted to see it for myself. But I also really want to go anywhere in the Europe. Choices, choices, choices.
4- If you could fall into a jukebox and have to listen to 1 song on repeat for the rest of your life what would it be?
This is about as hard to answer as question two because music means so much to me. But if I had to pick one song I would have to choose Feel Reel by Deptford Goth. I don't know why but it just is so catchy to me.
5- If you could fall into any movie, what one would it be?
I have so many favorites but I would have to say a Harry Potter movie because I have ALWAYS loved the movies and wanted to live there. Not to mention, having some powers would be awesome!
6- If you could fall back in time, where would you go?
I have always thought I was born in the wrong decade because I love the long shirts/dresses that they use to wear. Not to mention, the way of life was a little different and not to high tech and complicated. I would love to go back to like the 1920's and 1930's maybe?
7- If you could fall and hit your head loosing one memory, what memory would you like to loose?
Even though I have had some quite embarrassing moments, trust me. I really wouldn't want to erase any memories that I have. I say that because even though some moments were embarrassing, I know they have helped me to learn and grow. Plus, one day Ill be able to look back on these moments and laugh. Like really hard lol.
8- If you could fall into any season and stay there all year round, what would it be?
Between the seasons of Fall and Winter. The best time of year in my opinion.
9- If you were to fall into trouble, what would it be for?
At home, it would have to be my mouth because I sometimes don't use a filter. At school, being late to class because I always seem to lose track of time.
10- If you were to fall into a million pounds/dollars/whatever currency and could only spend it in one store, what would it be?
Umm, off the top of my head probably H&M. Not the best I know but I like their stuff. Don't judge me.
Now I would like to tag Mary and Molly.
And there it is my friends!! I hope you enjoy and found this tag to be fun. Maybe you got to know me a little more. Thank you again to Emily for tagging me. I also wanted to ask for your opinions on what I should do to celebrate 1000 views that we are coming up on? I was thinking maybe a video where you guys would actually get to see what I look like and maybe a little tag or something along with it? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below. As always, thank you so much for stopping by. Until next time my friends,


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  2. Honestly Faith, I'm honored every time you tag me. So thank you very much for tagging me. And please don't stop haha :)

    By the way Dylan O'Brien is such a hottie. He'll probably be in my tag too :)

    Mary x

    1. Ok good lol. I love tagging you in these kinds of things because you have such a great blog and you make awesome content. Oh my god, I think he might be on everyone's list too lol. Thank you so much!!

  3. Yes Dylan Obrien for lifeee <3 amazing post faith! loved it :) xx


    1. Thank you so much!! I would have never done this tag if it weren't for you, so thank you so much! And yes, Dylan O'Brien for life!!


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