Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sweater Weather Tag

Hello my beautiful friends!! Today I am doing the Sweater Weather tag, if you couldn't tell already. I had planned a little surprise that I was going to post today but unfortunately I am having technical difficulties. But I will be working on that and uploading it as soon as I possibly can. I am so sorry. But The show must go on, or the blog post in this case. So lets begin!!
What is your favorite candle scent?
Pretty much any pumpkin/apple/cranberry scented candle. One candle that I have recently fell in love with, that's a little different, is Nature Wick Bonfire Nights candle. It smells like a warm fireplace or bonfire is going and the best part about this candle is that it sounds like a crackling fire too. Instead of your traditional wicks, there are wicks made of wood that when lite, crackle like a fire. Its amazing!
Coffee, tea of hot chocolate?
I am not a big fan of coffee or tea, so I would have to say hot chocolate. But a really well flavored coffee is ok too.
What is your favourite autumn memory?
I would have to say my favorite memory would have to be any time where my family and I were decorating for fall. Nothing gets me more in the fall spirit then decorating the house and doing so with my family. Especially on a rainy afternoon with candles going and we are all together. Corny, I know, but I just love those kinds of moments.
Autumn make up trend: Winged eye liner or dark lips?
I think winged eye liner is pretty much become an everyday daily look now a days. So I would have to say dark lips because its not a tradition, all year around kind of look.
 Favorite autumn fragrance?
I am not a big fan of perfumes and fragrance because I tend to get headaches from them but I recently got a small sniff of this body mist that I just loved. The Comfort Fine Fragrance Mist from Bath and Body works smells so good and just reminds me of fall.
Favourite Autumn/Thanksgiving food?
This is so hard!! Out of everything that I could think of, I really like stuffing. This particular food just makes me think of Fall and Thanksgiving. In fact, I want some now lol.
What is the autumn weather like where you live?
Unfortunately, I don't have much of a change in weather where I live. It pretty much goes from a hot Summer to a warm Fall. But I do get quite a lot of afternoon thunderstorms which is about the only real fall like weather I get.
What is your most worn sweater? 
I don't wear to many sweater, explanation is the answer above, but when I do I wear this sweater that I got from a friend of mine that I just love. I don't really know where they got the sweater from but I will leave a picture for you below.
What is your most worn autumn nail polish?
I really like the shade Fishnet Stocking from Essie. Its a nice dark red that just looks like fall to me. Not to mention, it goes on and stays shiny, which always looks nice.
Football games or jumping in leaves?
Even though both sound like a lot of fun, I am going to have to say football games. I say that because I am unable to jump in any leaves where I live but I can go to football games, plus I kind of like football.
Ugg boots or Combat boots?
Combat boots all the way!! Even though I do love me some Ugg boots, they are quite comfortable. I really like Combat boots because there are so many different kinds/styles and they can be paired with whole new different outfits.
Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?
I personally think so because it just one of those things that just means fall is here. Plus, its pretty tasty which I cant really resist. But I do think people can sometime go a little crazy with it, especially when thats all they will use/eat. There are other scents and flavors that make up the fall season people!
 Skinny jeans or leggings?
Personally, I like skinny jeans more because I don't look to great it leggings. Not to mention, jeans are a little more durable and warm then leggings. But I do like them though, but just on rare insistences.
Well there it is my friends, The Sweater Weather tag. I hope enjoyed and found this fun because I certainly did. I will be posting another post tomorrow to make up for the not so great post today. I have been working on this project to put up on here but I recently ran into some technical difficulties that will take a few days to fix. So it should be up next weekend, if everything goes as planned. But thank you so much guys for stopping by and giving me some love, I greatly appreciate it. Until next time,


  1. I have a big candle with cranberry scent, but also I have bought in Ikea an amazing brownie smelling candle! This Essie nail polish is so pretty, especially for autumn season. Maybe I should buy one? haha. I'm weird, because I think that jeans are more comfortable than leggins. I don't know why. I feel like leggins are for really lazy people :)

    You always have great tags. I'm jealous!!! Prepare yourself, because I'm gonna tag you in todays!

    Mary x

    1. A Brownie candle!!! What! I need this in my life, like yesterday. I am the same way with jeans, I sometimes think its because it looks better on my short legs then leggings but I don't know. Thank you so much, but I swear that your tags are better. But thank you anyways. I can't wait!! Thank you ahead of time, it means a lot.

    2. Said so :)

    3. Lol Thank you!! I just posted it a little bit ago. I had a lot of fun, thanks!!

  2. Isn't Autumn just the best time of year!? I love essie nail varnish, especially that colour! Beautiful x

    1. It really is the best time of year! I love Essie nail polish's and I just love this color for this time of year. Thank you so much!!


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