Sunday, July 20, 2014

My Birthday Tag

Since it is my birthday today, I thought why not do the birthday tag. Plus I think its time that you get to know me a little more. Now before I begin, I want to make sure that you know that I am not trying to brag or anything. I just wanted to make a post that was easy and kind of fun. So please no hate. But lets begin with the questions.

1) When is your Birthday?
My birthday is July 20th, 1998.

2) How old are you turning?
I am turning 16 this year. Yaaaayyya!!

3) What is your favorite present that you've ever seen?
This is hard question to answer. I have had so many great ones. But I think the best present that I have ever gotten was probably when I was young, I cant remember exactly how old but like 5-7 years old,when I got a barbie car. I remember my family having to make a trip to Boston from Pennsylvania where we were living at the time, to go get the car. Back then it was a little harder to get the little kid cars then it is today so we had to go to a special store to get it. The day when we finally got it, I had to "drive" the car into our hotel room where we were staying. This may seem like a simple task. But for a little girl who was just trying the thing out for the first time, it ended with a lot of running into walls. It was an incredible gift that I could not stop playing with. I felt like such an adult in it. I loved it so much.  Not to mention I loved the little road trip we took to go get it. A lot of good memories.

4) Are you having a party this year?
Even though it is my big 16th birthday this year, I am not having a party. Mostly because I just want a simple day filled with my family and friends. I don't want to make any more of a big deal out of it then they already will. So no but I am more then happy to have just a simple day with some good food.

5) How do you usually celebrate?
I don't have any real like traditions or anything like that. But one thing that I can always count on is my mom making my cake. See, my mom is an amazing cook and everything she makes is incredible. I swear unicorns and rainbows come from her food. I  ALWAYS celebrate my birthday with my family and some very close friends. I like simple but fun birthdays that everyone can enjoy. Things like sleep overs and BBQ's, things like that.

6) What was the most memorable birthday you had?
I have had so many great ones but the one that I will always remember is my 13th birthday. My mom came up with the incredible idea of having a sophisticated sleep over. This meant getting a big hotel suite and decorating with these beautiful decorations and having my closest friends over and just having fun. It was soooo much fun. We had little champagne glasses with sparkling water and we had all these games we played. We also did makeovers and did each others nails. It was incredible and we ended staying up until four in the morning having fun. I will never forget that day.

7) If you had unlimited amount of money, what would you do for your birthday?
Oh my god, this is so hard. I would probably go to Disney, Universal, and Island of Adventures for like 5 days. I would want to stay at the magic kingdom and all the luxuries. I would have my entire family go along with my closest friends. We would go on all the rides and see all the attractions. That would be absolutely perfect birthday.

8) What's your birthday wish list?
Well I have quite a lot of stuff that I would want but I only have a few that I really want. One is a new camera. I have been wanting to start photography but don't have a very good camera to do so. I would also like to get some new pieces of clothing that I have been looking at for awhile now.

9) If you only had one birthday left, what would you do?
Wow this is deep. I would probably have all my family and friends together and we would have a really laid back day just filled with fun and good food. I would ask that instead of presents, I would ask everyone to donate money to a charity of their choice. I would feel better knowing that their money was not spent on me but on someone or something that they care about. Corny, I know, but that is what I would do.

10) Whats your favorite part about your birthday?
Without a doubt, my favorite part about my birthday is having my family and friends around me and us having fun and just enjoying being in the presence of each other. I know that't corny, but I would never want to celebrate my birthday without the ones I love the most. But the food is not to far behind. I love me some food.

11) Whats one thing that has really changed since your last birthday?
The biggest thing that is different this year would be not having my grandma here. She would always call me and say happy birthday and tell me how much she loves me. I miss her so much and not having her around anymore will be very hard and weird for me but I know that she is always here with me and that makes me feel better.

12) Finally, do you feel any older?
No not really. I will only feel older when I turn 18 but right now, I don't. And I am OK with that.

Well that is all for the birthday tag. I hope this gave you a little insight as to who I am and what I am about. Maybe you just found this boring. I don't know. But either way, I had a lot of fun doing this tag and I hope you guys enjoy. I will be back next weekend with a little tutorial. I cant wait to share that with you guys. Well until next time my friends,

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