Wednesday, January 21, 2015

2015 Spring Fashion

At the end of winter, we usually start to see things warm up and I am not just talking about the temperature. We also start to see our fashion start to warm up to new colors and trends. And this year fashion is doing just that. From new bright colors to new trends, 2015 is sure to be the most fashionable year yet. So today I'm picking a few trends that I am excited to see and whether it will be something that I will follow myself. So with that in mind, let's start!!


Even though florals have been in fashion for awhile now. This is form of floral is more bold and I guess some would say more bright then the common floral print we have seen this past year. I also really like that where the floral print does shows up, it is usually a lose piece of clothing. Its mostly in dresses and skirts, making it a real Boho kind of look. Which I love entirely.  I also like how colorful these patterns are. They have very bright colors and odd combination of colors that help to make the pattern very different. I'm excited to see where this patterns is going to go fashion wise.

The Color Yellow

Color start to brighten and warm up around spring time and this new trend does not stray away that. I don't know why but I really like this new trend. But I think it is because I have seen so many darker colors like red and brown for fall and winter that now that I am seeing something bright, I am loving it. I also like how basic this color is build other colors and outfits off of. I especially like the combination of yellow and blue. They just go together like peanut butter and jelly. But like I said, spring fashion would not be spring fashion without some "sunshine" and
Gingham Pattern
This next pattern is a lot like a plaid pattern but with small boxes instead of many lines and two colores. I really like this pattern idea because it can be used for any color, which always is great to help make new combinations. I also think that this pattern is going to be one of those trends that will be a "stable" or a piece that an entire outfit is based off of. But I also really this pattern is dress form. But once again, the dresses are very lose and flowy. I'm starting to see a new Boho trend starting to pick up and I am really excited about that.
Head to toe white
Now I do not know how I feel about this color for two reasons. One, I feel like if I wore this, I would get smudges and dirt all over it. Not on purpose of course, but I would probably just get everything I touch on it. That is just my luck. And two, this color could make someone look drained of color or pale. Especially if you have very light skin to being with. But it also could very easy look to pull off. It does not get any simpler then one color. But I think the only time that I would wear this color is if its a dress because it just looks so elegant and beautiful. But overall, I generally like this idea because of how simple but adjustable it is.
Gladiator and Pointed Flats
This year it is all about gladiator wrap shoes and pointed flats. Now I saw the point flats trend coming for a few months now because they started to get more and more popular. And to tell you the truth, I don't mind it. I surprisingly like these pointed petite things. I really think they look both elegant but cute all at once. Not to mention, they come in hundreds of colors, designs, and decorations. Which is always nice when trying to put a look together. Now as far as the gladiator shoes, I'm a little unsure how I feel about them. They do look rather uncomfortable and maybe even challenging to get on. But then I see a simple sandal flat with wrapped laces and I kind of like it. I'm ok with the high heels but when it comes to the laces going up your leg, I don't know. You would have to be pretty brave to wear it, but I think it could defiantly make a look "stand out" which is always an added plus.   
What did I tell ya?? Spring fashion this year is on fire and is continue to grow and become more bold everyday. I really think this year fashion is going to open up to all sorts of new trends that we never saw coming. Let me know in the comments below if any of these trends mentioned you are excited about and a trend that you cant wait for. I'm so sorry that I was absent last week but as explained in my last post school was crazy last week and it had to take priority over everything else. But I am back and it feels great to be. So I hope you enjoyed this little post and got as excited for Spring fashion as I am. Thank you so much for stopping by and showing me some love, I appreciate it. And of course, until next time,


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