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2015 Video Games

Believe it or not. I am a big fan of video games. I'm not saying that I am an expert or that I am a "gamer girl." I am just a big fan of the work and idea of video games and have been really getting into all sorts of different games this past year or so. I am also not the best at playing, which is no surprise if you knew me personally, but I do love watching or back seating a video game. And this year there are some games that I am really excited to see/play. So without further ado, lets begin with my list of 2015 upcoming video games that I am most looking for.
1) Dying Light 
Based on the poster of the game you can already get a good idea about what this game is about. But for those of you who need a little help, the game is another "zombie" apocalypse game type. This is a mostly melee game with over 100 different weapons that you can create by gathering supplies around the open, first person world set in Harran, Turkey. There are of course missions that need to be completed and storylines to go along with it that make the game a both objective and storytelling based game where each event builds on one another. I have personally watched the press release of the game and am really excited to see where the game goes. It looks like a game that could have a lot of potential and looks visually very good. Besides the bugs and glitches, that are common with press releases, this game is defiantly something that I am looking forward to. Lucky enough that it releases tomorrow, the 27th, so I cant wait.
Link to Dying Lights website:
2) Evolve
Now this next game I am exciting to play/watch for one reason, the multiplayer madness. I say this because this entire game is based off of two separate teams, well a team and one player, going against each other. See Evolve is a competitive shooter game where four players are on a team and each have a special ability and job/role on the team and a fifth player is the monster, as seen above. And the goal is for each side to take out the other. Even though it is not completely a new concept of gaming, it is defiantly a new world, characters, and abilities make it a exciting new form of the original "boss" fight. I am mainly excited for the never ending outcomes and situations that can come from playing against either friends or other players. I really think that its going to have some incredibly fun and awesome events during gameplay.
Link to Evolves website:
3) Tom Clancy's The Division
Ok I got beyond excited for this game when I saw this beautiful and powerful trailer here:
Incredibly right?? I was absolutely blown away by just how stunning this game looks but also the concept of the game is very eye opening. Basically the plot of the game is that America has become very fragile due to it becoming so complex. Because of this, when a disease spreads across America o Black Friday, the entire country in thrown into chaos. Over the course of a few days, the government is shut down, transportation is closed off one by one, and food and water starts to go scarce. Eventually the US is led into a state of emergency with cities falling apart. You play as a member of a team assigned to try and save humanity and its survivors. It is a vast, third person, single player game where you are thrown into events and issues that you have to solve at all costs. I cant wait to play/see this game because it really is a very eye opening concept and looks very visually stunning.
4) The Order: 1886
Now I wont lie, when I saw the trailer for this game I was not really impressed. I thought that it was very similar to Gears of War and that the only difference was it was based in 1886. But once I watched a few clips of what the game looked like and watched a little gameplay, I was surprisingly looking forward to where the game was going to go. Now I know that the whole idea of being a secret society that hunts down and maintains half breaded humans and keeping them from harming society is nothing new but I really like the idea of it being set in "older" times and with knights instead of modern soldiers. I am not 100% sure if I am completely for this game or not but I am more then willing to consider watching/playing it.
Link to The Order's website is here:
5) Batman: Arkham Knight
As bad as it is to say, I have never really played/watched any of the previous Batman video games. But I recently saw the trailer and some small gameplay of the game was left wanting more. I was first just blown away by the cinematography of the game but also how in depth the storyline was. It really does look like a actual movie but the only difference is that you get to play the main lead. The storyline is set a year after Batman: Arkham City and follows Batman trying to confront Scarecrow who has come back to unite Batman's enemies to kill him once and for all. It looks like it is going to be an incredible game that I cant wait to see/play.
Link to Batman: Arkham Knight's website:
There is my list of the top 2015 video games that I am most excited for. I know that this is not my typical kind of post but I really want to write about stuff that I love and video games are one of those things. I'm sorry if this is not your cup of tea but I wanted to write something a little different this week and this is it. But none the less, I hope you enjoyed and found this to be interesting. Let me know in the comments below what games you are most excited for in 2015. Thank you guys so much for stopping by and I hope I see you next week. Until next time,

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  1. Games like Dead Space, Call of Duty, and some certain rage games do make gamers upset and angry, lol elo


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