Saturday, October 4, 2014

September Favorites

Since fall is upon us, I really wanted to have a nice red/purple color to wear. This shade, Diva, is so pretty and very deep. It is a great color for a bold lip look that I hope I can be brave enough to try. I wont sit here and tell you how great Mac products are because I'm sure you already know but just in case you don't, its pretty darn good. I will try to wear this lipstick with darker colored clothes in the near future.
I try not to wear to many products on my skin since it is acne prone but when I do, and I have a spot I need to cover up, I learned that I need a good concealer. Now I don't have a lot of experience with concealers but for my first one that I have ever tried, I'm pretty impressed. I love how it goes on as a liquid but then dries into a sort of powdered consistency that feels light. It really does cover up my blemishes and marks really well.
    Just like with the lipstick, I wanted a darker colored nail polish. I love rustic reds and purples during the fall and I am so happy I found this one. It goes on easily and dries well. Not to mention, the color is so pretty. I love the rustic/ dark color of it. I will be using this nail polish a lot.
Since I am quite a nerd and have a weird sense of humor, finding a show that makes me laugh and makes me want to keep watching is a little hard. But the show Big Bang Theory has always made me laugh and I love it so much. My family and I have watched the show since I believe season three and have been watching it ever since. The characters are great, the comedy is great, and the show overall is just awesome. I have been really watching the show a lot lately trying to get caught up and have been laughing quite a lot.
I am always up for a cup of hot coco, any time of the year. But recently, since I am trying to really get into the fall spirit, even though hot coco is usually for winter, I have been drinking hot coco quite a lot. I usually have it as a treat for getting stuff done but sometimes when I just need to have a little pick me up. I have been really liking the Keurig Hot Coco. Its smooth and not to sweet but not watery. Its awesome.
Even though I should have read the books before I watched the show, I didn't. But rather late then never. When I first saw how long the book is, I was a little intimidated but I thought that I should at least give you a try. And I am glad I did. I love the book so far and am half way through the story in just one week. I am impressed by how much the show is just like the book. Which is always refreshing to see.
That's it loves!! There are my September Favorites. I cant believe that it is October already but I could not be happier. I also wanted to take this time to say sorry for my blog not working/looking right the last two days. I have been trying to update the blog and make it look better and ran into some trouble. But it is all fixed now and I hope you guys like how it looks. Thank you again for stopping by each week and giving my blog and I some love, it means more then you can think. Until next time,


  1. LOVE, love, love and once more love the Big Bang Theory, my favourite tv show of all times (maybe besides Friendsk, haha). Also really like Mac lipstick, really nice shade.

    Mary x
    P.S. Besides TBBT I love your new layout! Great work Faith!

    1. Same here Mary!! Favorite show. Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it. It means a lot.


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