Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fall Outfits

Hey everyone!! I'm back, finally. I am so sorry that I was gone but I am back and with a new post all about fall!! I am so happy and so excited its fall. It is my favorite time of year and I cant wait for all the interesting posts that are to come. Today I have three outfits that I think are perfect for fall. So lets begin!

Outfit #1:

Shirt: This is a very soft but sweet over shirt. I usually pair it with a white spaghetti strapped shirt underneath. It is a perfect look for just hanging out with friends or just an everyday look. I also love the look of the shirt. It has a great pattern on it and it crochet. Which I love. Its so simple but yet so sophisticated.
Pants: Now I have mentioned these pants before and I said that I would be using these pants all during the fall, and I am. I love these pants, as you may know, and love the rustic red of them. They are perfect for fall and pair nicely with the white/ivory of the shirt.
Shoes: Now I got these jean flats a long time ago but love them dearly. I tried to find these shoes but couldn't but I found some that are pretty close to them. This shade of blue goes so nicely with the rustic red of the pants and white of the shirt. It is also very simple and comfortable.
Necklace: This necklace is actually a piece that my grandparents gave to me and is not from a store or anything. So I went about looking for one just like it and got lucky. I think this necklace goes so well with this outfit and really finish's the look.  

Outfit #2:
Shirt: I wanted to add a professional outfit for any important, more serious events. Now this is a regular turtleneck with a little twist. It has no sleeves. I really like this look because it makes your torso look longer and shows a little skin. I also love how it feels. It has a nice texture to it and it keeps me warm but not to warm. It is also a very sophisticated look.
Pants: Now I wanted to have professional looking but comfortable plants. And I think I have found them. These pants look very fitting and are high waisted, which make your legs look longer. They are also very comfortable and warm. The reason I choose the black color instead of any patterns or such because having a simple, solid color makes it easier to pair with other shirts.
Shoes: I don't have a lot of high heeled shoes, I am a little young for them. But I do have a few. And this pair is my favorite and I love them to death. They have a bow on the toe part and look very cute. Now I have the wedged version of these shoes and could not find them but I found the high heeled ones. I think they still look pretty good. They are also comfortable and durable.
Accessories: There are several different pieces that would go great with this outfit. But since this outfit is suppose to "professional" I thought a watch would be great. But it needs to be a little chic and cute. So I thought this watch would look great with this outfit. Or a simple but colorful bracelet like this one would also look good and would add a pop of color to the outfit.

Outfit #3:
Shirt: I wont sit here and give you a long description of a very simple shirt. This is a perfect shirt for setting the entire look and making sure that there is not to much going on with the outfit.
Pants: These jeans have been in my wardrobe for awhile and have earned some battle scars, or tears. So I wanted to look for a cuffed, semi ripped pair of jeans, and I believe I have found some. I think having these types of jeans, cuffed and ripped, is a great distressed and laid back look which is pretty much this outfit. Plus, these jeans can go really well with a lot of different outfits.
 Shoes: With the season of fall, comes the time when boots come out of their hiding spots in our closets and are shown off to the world. Yes, I do love wearing my boots if you couldn't tell. These are very simple and decently priced boots that I love to wear for a simple everyday look. I also like how I can change the boot length from mid calf to ankle by just changing the boot flaps on it.
Accessories: First, I needed to have a belt because it just looks good and really helps to transition from the simple top to a complicated bottom. You can also add a few bracelets for this look. A simple little pearl bracelet or a beaded wrap bracelet would look great and help to finish up the outfit. 

Well there they are! I hope you enjoyed and thought that these little outfit ideas were cute and good for fall. Thank you so much for stopping by and giving the blog a little love. So sorry that there hasn't been anything up in awhile but I am trying to make sure that there is more often. So thank you for your support and understanding. Well have a beautiful day my friends. Until next time,

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