Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Whats In My Bag Tag

Today I thought I would do one of those tags that nearly everyone has done. Even though it may not be "original" or "new" I still want to give this tag a try. Especially since I cleaned out my bag recently, which never happens, so I thought this might be my only chance. So without further ado, lets begin!!

Now I do not usually carry a lot of things in my bag, sometimes, but these are the main things that I take with me. I have some of the links to these items but most I don't have because I simply can not find them or they are just simple everyday items that did not come from anywhere special.
 This first item is whatever book I am currently reading at the time. Right now it is Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. I may or may not do a review/summary of this book but we will see. But no matter where I go, I always have a book with me because you never know when you might get just enough time to finish that chapter that you have been dying to finish.
The next thing that I carry with me is a small thing of moisturizer. This one specifically is the Green Tea Moisturizer from Proactive. But depending on the time of year, the moisturizer I carry with me changes. Since it is starting to get more warm outside where I live, I try to use a moisturizer that is light and has a little sunscreen in it.
This is just a simple, little calendar that I keep with me while I travel. This way, if I suddenly remember an important date or am trying to schedule another one, I have something there to help me remember. Another reason I keep a calendar because I sometimes write down ideas for blog posts and the date to publish them in there, helping to "clear" my head for even more ideas.
Another simple thing that I carry with me is a little notebook. I usually use this to have my ideas and thoughts down on paper before I forget them. I also, depending on what I am doing, I will draw in there to occupy myself when I am board. Plus, you never know when someone needs a pen and paper.
Anyone who knows me, knows that I am always hungry. Its not that I don't eat, cause trust me I do, but I just get hungry real easily. So I try to carry a little snack with me just to help stop the munchies when they come up. I try my best to make it a healthy snack that wont go bad like trail mixes and dried fruits, things like this. That way they are both healthy for me and wont go bad when I forget that they are in there.

This next item makes me feel like such an adult. I don't know why, there is not much in it at all, but it still does. This is a Miche Wallet in the color cantaloupe. It really is a great, pretty little wallet that has such a nice color to it. I just love this shade and the cute little patter inside the wallet. Its a great first wallet because it is both sophisticated and girly all at once, which I love.

 Even though I don't wear lip gloss too often, since my long hair is just attracted to it. But when I do, I try to have a pretty bold color to make up for the lack of color in my lips. So recently I have been really liking this gloss from Mary Kay. I wish I knew the shade, for it does not say on the bottle and since it was a Christmas gift from my grandmother, I don't know. But I really like the shade and it lasts quite a while.
No girl should ever leave their house without their massacre because you never know when you are going to need it again. And I have been in love with the Covergirl Lash Blast Volumizing Mascara. I have talked about this massacre in the past in several different posts, but that just shows you how much I love this stuff. In fact, I am going to be getting more pretty soon.
Another makeup piece that is like a stable in my life is the Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream. This is another one of those pieces that I have talked about in the past in several posts. But it is just something that has worked for me and has never really failed me. It is light weight and really evens out my skin. I love it as a base "coat" for my skin to build up on. So wherever I go, my BB cream goes.
I hope you guys enjoyed and found this to be a cute little post. If I had not emptied my bag, we probably would have been here all day. But none the less, there it is, the what's in my bag tag. Now I am not going to be tagging anyone because I am sure that many have already done this. But if you have not, please do!! It really is a fun little tag that might just get you to clean out your purse, which is a win, win in my book. Let me know in the comments below what is in your purse. Thank you so much for stopping by. I love you tons and I will see you next week. Until next time,

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