Wednesday, December 10, 2014

November Favorites

It is hard to believe but it is December already!! And this means that it is that time of the month, no not the one your thinking of, where I get to tell you guys some of my favorites. And since I have quite a few, lets begin!!

As you might already know, I love Essie nail polishes. So it comes as no surprise that another one of their colors has ended up on my favorites list. This shade, a deep red, and it is so pretty. I love how rich and dark it is. It just reminds me of Christmas time, which is pretty much the reason why I got it. Another thing that I love is that this color is so dark, and goes on so smoothly, that I only need one or two coats to cover my nail in its red goodness. That sounds weird. But none the less, I love this shade.
2) Velveeta Mac and Cheese
Now I know that this is not the best thing that I should be eating, trust me I am aware. But when I need a nice little pick me up or something to help me feel better after a long day, a nice bowl of mac and cheese helps with that. And since I am lazy, I like having the option of making it in the microwave. I know, the thing that was already bad to begin with just got worse, but hear me out. I know it may sound nasty but when done right, by the instructions, it really is not that bad at all. It is quick and easy plus tasty. What else could you ask for?? Well, maybe for it to be healthy for you, that would be nice.
I try my best not to wear makeup too much because my skin seems to get weighed down by it and it sometimes has horrible consequences, like acne. But when I do, I try my best to keep it light and natural, since this is what looks best with my skin type. And because of this, I have been trying out different BB creams and face creams. So when I tried Maybelline's BB cream, I was surprised. It is very light and goes on easily. It also helps to "lighten" my skin and set a very nice base for powder and concealer. I also like how soft it makes my skin feel.  
Many may think that this would be a boring show because it is just another one of those cop shows, just like the rest. But they would be wrong. Yes the show is based off a family of cops in New York but it centers more around family and as weird as it sounds, dinner. Yes, I said dinner. For those who do watch the show, they know what I am talking about. But for those of you who don't know, every episode the entire Reagan family sits around their dinner table for Sunday dinner and they talk about current events or topics going on around them. There are characters of all ages and genders which help to bring a different "perspective" to each topic. Not to mention, it is pretty good looking cast, I you catch my drift  ;) I really do like this show and would highly recommend it if you love New York or cop shows.
As I have mentioned in my Fall Reading List, I am in love with the book Cinder. It is a book series created by the talented Marissa Meyer. I wont give you a long summary of the book but basically the story follows a young girl named Cinder who is a teenage cyborg living in a futuristic New Beijing. Known as the best mechanic in the entire city, the Prince comes to her for help with his broken Android. Cinder agrees, not knowing that her life is about to change forever. Through many trials from the death of a loved one to resisting feelings for the prince, Cinder has to strive through them all. All while discovering that she is not who she thought she was. It is a really great, short read, that I would recommend to any fans of the classic Cinderella story, but redone like never before.   
With the holidays upon us, it is that time of year again to break out your mugs and start making some hot coco. And since I am too lazy, and don't know how to make my own hot coco, I like to buy it premade. This way all I would have to do is pour it into some water and warm it up. Easy right! Not to mention, it is so good. I love having it in the morning when I wake up while I reading my emails and getting ready for the day. It makes me feel like a grown up but at the same time still feeling like a little kid . Now, I have tried a lot of different hot coco mixes but NestlĂ©'s mix is by far my favorite and most easy one to drink.  
Now, I don't have much experience with bare makeup because I have naturally pale skin and lips. So I never really thought that I needed to go even more bare on top of it. But I still wanted to try the new sensation, and I am glad I did. Even though it is definitely not a look that I would wear everyday, I would still wear this lipstick for a more formal event. I really like how it feels, not too dry but not like a gloss either. But at the same time feels like it is not going anywhere if I drink something. Does that make sense?? Me and my makeup terms, its so sad. But I really do like this very simple shade that goes on surprisingly well.
For those of you who don't know but I am a video game lover. Even though I am not very good at them, I LOVE to watch others play them. And one game that I have been watching and loving for a few months now is Dayz. Now for some, this may seem boring, if so, I am sorry. But that does not mean that I cant love it. The game in essence is a huge multiplayer game where your objective is to survive the zombie apocalypse. Now I know what you are thinking, how original, another zombie apocalypse. But the things that set this game apart from any other game is that the map in which you play the game in is huge. I have heard to get from one end of the map to the other, it takes about 40 minutes of your character running nonstop. Not to mention, the terrain of the game is actually quite beautiful. It also has the aspect of not just surviving the zombies but other survivors that adds to the game. There are constant "battles" for gear and supplies. There are different types of people who play, or in other words different roles that people play. But overall, I just really love the game. Wow, this turned out to be longer then I thought it would be. Go figure, lol.
Well that is it my friends. There are my November Favorites. Its an odd bunch of stuff to like but none the less I do. I know this is ten days into December that I am posting this. But rather late then never, right guys?? I hoped you enjoyed and found this to be cute little post. Let me know in the comments below if you liked any of this stuff and what your November favorites were. Thank you so much for stopping by. And of course, until next time,


  1. How festive it got on your blog! I love it! Xx

    Mary x

    1. Thank you so much!! I was hoping that I did not go over board with it. But it is my favorite time of the year, so I had too!!

  2. I love hot chocolates (who doesn't)
    Especially when you come home after being rained on.
    Then they are extra delicious.

    Xx Anne


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