Saturday, September 13, 2014

Summer Reading List

I have not done any book reviews in so long that I felt that I had to do one today. But I decided to add a little twist to it. I am doing my summer reading list. Basically, these are the book that I have read over the summer that I loved. There are a few more then the ones listed but these are the ones that I loved the most. So let's begin!!

I have mentioned this book already in my August Favorites, but I had to bring it back because I love it so much. The story is about a girl named Taylor who just found out that her father has cancer and has three months to live. So Taylor and her family decide to spend the summer, and the last few months with her father, at their lake house. The last time Taylor was there, five years ago, she ended a friendship badly and left her first boyfriend hanging in the worst way. Needless to say, Taylor is dreading going back. But over the course of the summer Taylor starts to realize the meaning of family and friendship. And how her summer was her second chance. It was a great book that was filled with emotions. I will defiantly reading this book again in the future. 

This series was a pretty decent little series. I enjoyed how the books were not to long but not to short. They were a great length for a nice afternoon read. The series is about how for fourteen teenage girls, the chance to be in the selection is an opportunity for a better life and to become the future queen. The story is told from the character American Singer, who is in a lower class with her family. A strong willed, smart, and musically talented girl who is in love with a boy names Aspen. When America is placed into the selection, she is thrown into a world that she never thought she could be apart of or wanted to be a part of. But when she meets Price Maxon, she starts to see her life in a different light. I actually liked the series and thought it was cute. But at times I wanted to yell at America for how suborn and hard headed she was. But the series was pretty good. 

Now, I think it is fair to say that the author John Green is pretty much taking over the book world. But its only because his books are so good and relate able. So when I saw this book and who wrote it, I had to read it. And I am glad I did. This book was so cute and eye opening in a way. The book is about a young high school student, Quentin, and his secret love for Margo Spiegelman. So when Margo climbs in through Quentin's window in the middle of the night asking for his help, he is a little more then stunned. But when Margo suddenly goes missing, Quentin goes to measurable lengths to find her based on small hints that Margo left behind. This was such a sweet little book that opened my eyes to how sometimes you may think you know someone but you actually don't. It was a great read that I think should be read over and over again. 

I had heard mixed reviews about this book before I read it and was a little weary to read it. But I'm really glad I did. This was a fairly short but powerful book that I couldn't out down. I don't usually read these kind of books. But I wanted to try something different and I'm glad I did. Its about 15 year old Daisy who is sent to England to visit her cousins at their farm. While there, London is bombed and a war starts. Daisy and her cousins are all split up because of the war and must find a way to get back to each other and their safe farm. Along with the way, they are tested and endure many hardships and dangerous situations. It is an intense, interesting book that I really enjoyed.

This is another book that I have mentioned before but it is such a great book that it had to come back. Many of you might know this book because of the new movie coming out called If I Stay based of of this book. It truly is a great book that I have to admit, that I cried to. I'm not ashamed of it. For those of you who don't know how the story goes, its about a young, talented cello player named Mia. Just when life seems to be going right, Mia is suddenly faced with some hard choices. She has to decide whether to stay alive to be with her boyfriend or die to be with her family after a horrible car crash
kills them all. I cant wait to see the movie and I am hoping it is just as good as the book, maybe better.   

Just like the the first book I mentioned, the Book Thief is another book that I have mentioned before. But since it was such a great read, I wanted to add it to my little list. Even though this book was a decently longer sized book, it was still very good. I could not put it down and I was full of emotions all throughout the book. The story is set during World War II and how a young foster girl, named  Liesel Meminger, and her love for books. She ends up stealing books in order to learn and read. All while her foster parents help to protect a Jewish man hiding from the Communists and Hitler. It really is a great book that just feeds your soul. I love this book so much and really suggest that others read it too.

Now I know they say to read the book before you watch the movie, but to be honest, I did not know the book even existed until I saw the movie. But as soon as I did, I knew that I was going to love the book. And I do. It really is a great, eye opening book that I just adore. And I was surprised to see that the movie stayed pretty true to the book. The book and movie are about a young boy named Charlie who is not a geek but is socially awkward kid. Now that Charlie is going into his freshmen year, Charlie is expecting to have the worst few months of his life. But then two wonderful seniors come along and change his life. Its a great story about growing up, messing up, learning to move one and when to stop and think about the past. I love this book dearly and is one of my all time favorites.

That's the list ladies and gentlemen! These are my favorite books that I read over the summer. I hope you enjoyed and maybe will want to read one of these great book because they are so good. Even though I am a little sad that summer is over, I can't wait for fall. I am planning on doing something fall like next week. So stayed tuned for that. Thank you for stopping by and until next time,



  1. I absolutely love the book theirf and paper towns!!!! I love your blog, i happened to stumble across it today and i am now a follower! Keep up the good work :)
    Feel free to check out my blog :)

    1. Thank you so much! I love your blog as well, specially the post about zoella, she is my fav. The Book Thief is the best. Thanks again!

  2. I really want to read 'If I stay'. I watched the trailer for this movie, and I have to say I'm amazed! Can't wait to see the movie, especially with Chloe Moretz. Great choices of the books by the way. We have similar taste :)

    Mary x

    1. Thank you!! Im amazed by the trailer as well. Im ecstatic for the movie. Im glad someone has the same taste in books as me! I thought I was a complete weirdo lol. Thanks again.


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