Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fashion Inspiration

"You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club"
-Jack London
Inspiration can come in many forms for different people. But one thing is for sure, that inspiration helps to fuel, charge, and motivate people to do and say things that they would not have had the courage to say before. I find inspiration to be in so many forms, from many different people. One major part of my life, fashion and beauty, is inspired many celebrity figures. Because I am a firm believer that inspiration makes people have the courage to do what they love, I decided to write about where I get my inspiration from everyday.

Zoe Sugg (also known as Zoella)
What first drew me to this amazing women was her bubbly, funny personality. And her love for all things Disney. She charmed me with her kind and sweet words and left me in awe of her beauty. Once I started to follower her a little more and started reading her blog, I was hooked. I wanted to learn as much about her style as I possibly could because I was in love with absolutely everything she wore and used. Since following her, I have started trying new hairstyles and outfits that I thought were not really my style. Boy was I wrong. I also have started to grow my hair out since seeing her hair. She also inspires me other ways then just fashion and beauty. She has inspired me to be more confident in myself which has lead me to start this very blog. And maybe a YouTube channel in the future. Zoella  has been such a great source of inspiration in so many ways.
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Naomi Smart (also known as Lady Smart)
I will be honest, I did not really know about Ms. Smart at first. I found out this amazing women from her being in pictures with Zoella. I thought, "Oh my god I am in love with that dress" and then it all started from there. I soon found out she had a blog filled with beauty and lifestyles posts that I just ate up. She has a very natural and beautiful sense of style that I cant help but want to steal. More like copy but in essence steal. Not to mention, she is incredibility sweet and kind. Plus, she has a a law degree which just inspires me even more. She is the perfect example of brains and beauty.
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Tanya Burr
Now I know you are probably thinking, these ladies are all from the UK and have YouTube channels. But that's the thing that makes me love them more. That's what make me love the beautiful Tanya Burr. She is an amazing makeup artist and my personal fashion icon. She just knows how to put the most perfect outfits together and how to finish up up the look with beautiful makeup. Tanya is also my personal go to girl for knowing what products to get and not to get. She also doesn't stick to just one kind of style, she mixes it up and keeps it interesting and stunning.
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Shailene Woodley
Before I start fangirling so hard, I will say that I knew about Shailene Woodley before she became the big star she is today. When I first say her, she was 18 and was in the movie "The descendants" and I fell in love with just about everything about her. But as she has become the big star she is today, I have slowly become more and more engulfed in her style and look. She has a very natural and simple sense of style that sometimes changes into a dramatic and sophisticated look. But one thing that I love the most about her, is her hair. Long or short, its stunning. She knows how to make it work and enhance her natural beauty that is just amazing. Plus, she has a great smile. I just adore her. If you couldn't tell already.

Emma Watson
Many people only know Emma Watson because of her work in the Harry Potter series but Emma has really become her own since leaving the series. She has shown that she is so much more then the girl that we fell in love with in Harry Potter. She has also become a style icon of millions. She knows how to work her petite frame in the best possible ways. Her style can very colorful and bright but also dark and mysterious in a sexy, fun way. She also happens to be very smart. While being a movie and fashion star, she is also attending college. She is not just a fashion and beauty inspiration for me, but also a lifestyle inspiration.

Well there is a small list of my Fashion and Beauty icons who I love and adore. And kinda of stalk. I hope that this post gives you some people who will give you inspiration. Please leave a comment telling me your fashion inspiration. Thank you so much guys for stopping by and taking time to listen to be rant. Until next time,

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