Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spring Fashion Trends

Well Spring is fully upon us and the sun is shinning. One of the best things about having a new season upon us, is the new fashion trends. This years spring fashion trends are looking absolutely amazing. From ruffles to crop tops, everything is new, fresh and exciting. So today I am going to list my top five trends that I am in love with.

1) tea-length shirts
Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved wearing long shirts and dresses. Mostly because it made me feel like a princess. Also, I have always said that I was born in the wrong era. I have loved the big, long dresses that they use to wear in the 1800's. I used to wish that I could wear my long "princess dress" outside in public. Now I can, ten years late. But better late then never. Because of this, I am absolutely thrilled to try this look this spring. But one thing that I know for sure is that is is going to be hard to make this trend look "good." I say this because it is easy to not have the right shoes or top to complete the look. But I see it as a fashion challenge that I am more then willing to accept.

2) Sweater Dressing

I have always been that one girl who likes to swear a sweater in the middle of the summer cause I like the way it looks with my shorts. People would say that it is stupid to wear a sweater and then shorts but now it is the new trend. Am I stupid now? This new spring trend is making me jump up and down and jump for joy. This spring, pastel and bright colored sweaters are in and are making their mark on fashion run-ways all over.
3) Pastels

Nothing reminds me more of spring then light, bright pastel colors. So of course this means that fashion has to get in on this color action. And I could not be happier. Now the lasts few months, the pastel colors have really become their own. Now the fashion industry has finally recognized it and has started showing it on run-ways. Now the outfit that I have above is a combined tea-length shirt and sweater top together and in pastel colors. Not to mention, that skirt has some ruffle's in it, which is another trend I cant wait for. 
4) Sporty and Spice

Now this trend is a little bit out of my own comfort zone for my own personal style. But something about this trend makes me want to try it. One, it looks like it could be a very light and comfortable kind of style. Plus, who couldn't resist a little sparkle. Two, its not common to have a trend that would look good to go to the gym with. Who doesn't want to look fabulous while getting a little sweat on. Another thing about this trend I like is that is looks like something I could wear when I am just sitting around the house but I can look a little fabulous while doing it.

5) All ruffled up

I have always seen ruffles as something to wear to a formal event or when you want to be "cute" on a date. But now that I have seen ruffles put into different parts of the body with two different colors, I am starting to see it as a new every day look. Plus, it also seems to kind of slimming to the figure. One thing that I love about this look is that a crop top or no sleeve shirt will work perfectly with a ruffled shirt. It looks very sophisticated and flirty at the same time.

So there are my five top fashion trends that I cant wait to try. I hope some of these trends have inspired some new looks for you and make you a little excited for this new fresh season. Leave a comment below telling me a spring fashion trend that you are excited for.

Till next time my friends,

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