Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Years Outfit Ideas

Hello my beautiful friends!! So today I have a few New Years outfit ideas for you. These outfits are for different occasions whether your going to a fancy party or a party with friends, or just staying at home counting down the year. What ever your doing this New Years, there is an outfit for it. I also tried to put together different kinds of personality looks, or in other words, outfits that would fit different peoples personalities. The little images next to each set are links to where you can get that piece for yourself. I also tried to not make the outfits too expensive, but as you all know, you sometimes can get carried away when it comes to shopping lol. But some pieces are surprisingly cheap or low priced so you wont break the bank in the first of the New year. But none the less, I hope you guys find these outfit ideas helpful and give you some inspiration for your New Years outfit.

This first look is a very eloquent but sparkly outfit that I thought would look great for a fancy New Years party. Because the color black is such a simple, stand alone color, it can sometimes make an outfit seem very bland and boring if left on its own. With that being said, I wanted to add some color. And since silver is both on the dress and is a great New Years color, I added many silver pieces. I really think that these two colors compliment each other so well and help to make each other stand out, and untimely make you stand out as well.  
New Years Party Outfit

This next look is a very sweet outfit for those who don't want to be too daring but also want to stand out in a crowd. I really like these two colors together, the light pink and gold. I really think that they compliment each other. I also think that by pairing these two colors together, the pink really helps the gold to stand out more then it normally would on its own.  
New Years Party Outfit

This next look is a very daring and I guess some would say "flashy" look. I wanted to add an outfit in this post that was a little stand-outish, if that is even a term, because we all know that feeling of wanting to impress everyone or show that certain someone what they lost. Plus your brining in a New Year, so you might as well do it with a bang. I choose the red color for this outfit for two reasons. One, it pairs nicely with the black and white. And two because it really stands out and makes this outfit "racy." I also made sure that there wasn't a lot of red all throughout the outfit, just the lips and shoes. I did this to catch peoples eyes from the head to your toes. Very easy way to get people to admire your entire look.
Daring New Years Party Outfit

This look is a more relaxed and fun outfit to wear. This look is perfect for a small get together or a little party with friends and family. It is really fun and is very cute look. I centered this outfit around the sneakers because I wanted to have at least one look that did not involve heels and because they are a pretty basic and common piece that a lot of people have. This makes this look a great last minute look for anyone. It is also one of those outfits that really fits just about anyone. So you cant go wrong.
New Years Outfit

Now these are some outfit ideas if you are anything like me. These are for the people who are going to be counting down the year at home with both happiness and sadness because they think that they are the only ones who don't have someone to kiss at midnight. Besides your cat of course. But I want you to know, that you are not alone!! I will be joining you, along with thousands all over the world. Besides, your spending the last few hours of the year where they should be spent, at home and in your PJ's. Besides, that's how I spent the most of the year anyway.

New Years PJ Outfits


And there they are my friends!! I hope you liked one or more of these looks. And if you didn't, I hope it at least gave you some ideas. None the less, I hope you all find that outfit that makes you feel special to bring in the New Year!! Thank you so much for stopping by and showing me some love. It really does mean a lot to me. And of course, until next time,


  1. You're not alone. Nobody to kiss either, haha :) I love all the looks you showed, especially the casual one with red heels. A-mazing!

    Mary x

    1. Lol. Yeah my dogs are going to be my dates for New Years. Thank you, I really like that one too. Even though I would never be brave enough to wear it lol. Thanks love!!


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