Saturday, August 30, 2014

Back to School Clothing Haul

I am back my beautiful friends!! I am so sorry that I haven't been on here in awhile. I hate missing a week like I did but things have been crazy lately. I just started school again and I have been trying to get everything started with that. But I am back and I am here with a little different type of post. Since a lot of people are going back to school, I thought I would do a clothing haul for school. Now I will say, this is my first clothing haul and I cant make any promises that it will be good but I will try my hardest. So lets begin and see how we do!!

This first piece in one of my favorites. It a simple but fancy hooded shirt that just happens to be really comfortable. It is such a simple but sophisticated shirt that I couldn't resist getting it. I wear a simple white, spaghetti strapped undershirt underneath it and its great. I also like to pair it with simple blue jeans and some nice flats or sandals and it looks great. But the thing I love most about it is the hood that is one it. It is hard to find hooded shirts that are cute but sophisticated at the same time. I would highly recommended getting this because you can wear it just about anytime of the year but I cant wait to wear it during the fall.

Mudd Lace Henley Tank
When I first saw this shirt, I thought that it wasn't really my kind of style. But, I decided to give it a try and I am so happy I did. This is a simple shirt that can go with just about anything. Its a great basic shirt to use to decorate up a look. I like to get shirts like this because I can always add and change the looks up with different accessories and different pieces like jackets and bottoms. Now this shirt was at a really good price when I got it, making it an even better piece, but when I to find it online at Kohl's where I got it, they were out of stock. Now this can change of course, but I linked in the title, a shirt that is very similar to the one I got so that way you can get it yourself without having to wait. But if you want this exact shirt, just type the name that I wrote above and check to find it. I would suggest getting this shirt for a simple but needed piece for your wardrobe.

Shirts for Gym

Some point in everybody's life, we had to get our sweat on and we all know how hard it can be to find clothing that can withstand the battles and hardships of working your butt off. So I tried to find a variety of shirts with different backings and textures that would be good for the gym or just getting your sweat on. The first one (far left) is a bigger shirt with wide arm holes. This means that some of your side chest will show but not much at all. It is also quite soft but loose and is comfortable. I found mine online at Kohl's from Croft and Barrow. I got navy blue but they only have gray now which, to be honest, I would have wanted because gray goes with just about anything. The second shirt (the middle shirt) is a racer back, tank top that I got from Old Navy. Now I normally don't go to Old Navy for clothing but they have a pretty good selection of basic and comfortable active wear. This shirt is a purple color (lighting wasn't the best, sorry) and is very light. The last shirt (far right shirt) is a light pink and is a regular tank top that you can get just about any where. The reason I got this one was because it was a very low price for a good quality shirt. Not to mention it comes in a lot of colors to choose from. I also got this one from Old Navy as well.

Rayon Voile Shorts
Now, I am not the best at taking pictures when it comes to clothes but I am telling you that these are very pretty and soft shorts that I am in love with. They are like sophisticated gym shorts and I am loving them. They go with just about anything and can be worn as a done up look or a lazy sitting around the house look. They are also very durable and are made up of great materials. I love these shorts and have worn them more then I should but whatever. These shorts also come in a beautiful coral color that I love but I decided to get this color (a cameo green) because it goes with just about every color so its a good basic piece to have around.

Fragile Spring St Color Skinny In Red
I have been looking for a while for a pair of jeans with a pop of color and the moment I saw these jeans I fell in love. They have this rustic red color to them that settles so nicely with a lot of colors and brings life to a simple, everyday outfit. But I was also thinking ahead when I bought these because they would be perfect for fall. So I had to have them and I am so happy that they are apart of my life now. They are also very comfortable because they are made of a polyester type fabric that is soft but super durable. These jeans are great for a simple white shirt with flats or heels. What ever flows best with you.

SO Perforated Dolphin Shorts

These shorts can used for so many purposes including studying, gym, or just a lazy day. They are super comfortable and also come in a variety of beautiful colors. Now I know your thinking, what could I use these for? Well with the right top like a crop top or loose tank top, you can make a lazy but "hip" look that you did not have to put any effort into. The picture below is a perfect example. They are also a very reasonable price. I personally got the colors of white and grey because they were simple but I really love all the colors.
The picture on the left is my necklace that I found a long time ago at a market or something like that and I have never been able to find anything quite like it. But the other day I say this necklace on the right and thought how it was pretty much the exact necklace that I have. So I had to put it in along with the back to school haul just because it is so simple but pretty. It goes with just about anything really and is also very cute. I found the one on the right on a website called Pugster.

Mudd Two Tone Wood Bead Stretch Bracelet Set

This last item is a simple little accessory that I just had to have. They are so pretty and so durable. I am so happy that I got them. They go with so many outfits and can really help to bring any outfit together. I have to admit that I have been wearing them constantly but I cant help it. They are so cute and they have this kind of surfer girl feel to them. Is that even a thing?? Oh well.

Well that is it for my back to school haul. I want you guys to know that when I suggest different products and clothing pieces, that I try to find a variety of items from all over that are also a decent price so everyone can get in on the fun. I hate that feeling of falling in love with something to just find out that it is way out of your price range. I want people to come here to find clothes they like and can also afford. Plus, its always great to have a little money left over for a cute pair of shoes! ;) I hope you enjoyed and maybe even want to get some of these pieces yourself. If you do, please send pics to me so I can see how great you look. Thank you again for all your love and support with every blog post and I cant wait to "see" you next week for another Just Faith post. Until next time my friends,



  1. I wish my school didn't have a uniform so I could wear these adorable clothes! I especially love your owl necklace!
    great post- i love your blog!

    1. Thank you so much!! I know how you feel. My old school had a strict uniform policy and I hated it. But thank you so much. I love your blog as well, its incredibly cute!!


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