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The 100 by Kass Morgan

One of the things you need to know about me is that I am a complete book worm. I absolutely adore reading and the excitement of reading and finishing a book. So this summer I am on a quest to read as many books as I can. To start off this summer reading fling, I read the book "The 100" by Kass Morgan. The reason I decided to read this book first was because I accidently got addicted to the CW show "the 100." When I heard that the show was based off of the book, I of course had to read it. I went into reading this book expecting that I knew what is was about and the stories behind each character. But boy was I wrong. The show has the same concept as the show but the characters and their relationships and stories are different. But either way, I love both of them. Now before I start, I will try my very best to not ruin the show or book for anyone.

Lets start with what the book (and a little of the show) are about. After a devastating nuclear war that left Earth unlivable, humans are left to survive and grow in space. Living in a space station with thousands of people proves to show that soon there will be no more room and oxygen left for the living survivors. This presents an opportunity for juvenile delinquents to have a chance at life, due to the fact that when they turn 18 they are sentenced to death because of their crimes and inability to have to many people on the space station. The book follows the many characters of "The 100" delinquents who are sent to Earth to see if it is livable for humans after many, many years. Along the way we hear the perspectives of everything that is going on from different characters like Clarke, the smart and natural born leader who is the only doctor figure the group has. She also happens to have a hard past that many do not know about. Bellamy, a protective big brother who will do anything to keep his little sister Octavia safe. And I mean Anything. Wells, the chancellors son who only committed a crime to come to earth with the person he loves. Who he also happened to betray this person in a horrible way.
The first thing I noticed about the book was the cover. It really set the foundation that makes up the big aspects of the book. I also noticed how short the book was. This is a good and bad thing. It's good because you can read in an afternoon but bad because if you like it, your left wanting more. The book was a little slow at first and I started to worry that this was going to be the flow of the book. But I soon realized that the reason why it was slow at first was to really set the back story behind the book and characters and to make the moment when the action started picking up more intense. And I have to say that it worked rather well. Once the action started, I could not put the book down. The flow and energy of the book was well placed and every event flowed into the next. Each characters past were also played into each chapter to help bring light to feelings and reasons behind each characters decisions. All together, the characters each have well built stories behind them and each react to different scenarios differently that help you to see each characters personalities and mind set.
If there was anything that I could change, I think it would be how there was not many details and descriptions of current situations and feelings. For example, when a problem arises in the group, there is not a lot of detail behind each person reasoning and feelings. There is a brief explanation but nothing too satisfying. I was sometimes left having to re-read a section to understand the reasoning behind a scenario. And even then I was sometimes left with a few questions. Now I don't know if that was the purpose of the author, to leave the audience with questions and no answers. If so, well then she did really well.
Other than that, I really did like the book. I read it in a few hours and was left wanting to read more which wont be happening until September 16th of this year, when the second book of the series comes out. I will defiantly be reading the part two to this intense series. Now I know some of you might be wondering about the show I was talking about in the beginning. The CW network has picked up the book and has made it into a show. Now the show has quite a few differences from the book itself and sort of goes further in depth then the book does, but it is based of the same idea of juvenile delinquents having to thrive and grow on an unsteady and unpredictable earth after a nuclear war. Both the book and the show are very intense and each present challenges and scenarios that the other does not. I personally think the show is really good. There is a good storyline and dialog with really great actors. Not to mention the setting in which the show is filmed is quite amazing.
Well that is all today by friends, I hope you like this little review I did and maybe even find it helpful.
Leave a comment below telling me what book I should review/read next and tell if you have seen/read the 100 and what you thought about it. Until next time my friends,
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