Thursday, March 12, 2015

Winter Reading List

Even though it may not feel like Spring in most areas, I think we can all agree on one thing. We cant wait for Spring to come. But with each passing season, I like to look back at books that I read. For me, there is nothing like reading a good book while sipping on some hot coco. That is probably one thing that I am going to miss about the winter season. But that does not mean that I don't look forward to spending some time outside with a nice book. So with the ending of one season, and the starting of another, lets look back on my Winter Reading List.

Recently my grandmother lent me this book to read. Both my mother and herself wanted me to start reading more classics and suggested that I start with this. I wont lie, I went into this book with the idea that I was not going to enjoy the book or the stories inside. But to my surprise, I came to love a few of them. I cant really give you a summary of what this book is about because the book truly does have nine separate small stories in it. From the very first story I was intrigued to see where the author was going to go with the next story. I wont give you any spoilers but some of the stories are dark and depressing while others are sweet and kind of sentimental. Just a really great book that offers a whole range of different stories and themes. I can see why it would be considered a classic.
In my reading club, we decided to start reading the Gone series by Michael Grant. And this book is the very first of six books. Just from the description of the book I was hooked. I am currently on book four and am in love with the series. And like many of the Gone Series fan's, I am hoping for the TV show to be approved and started because I really think it could be an awesome TV series. The first book is basically where everything started. And the story goes that one day, without any warning, all the adults in Perdido Beach vanish with no trace. Leaving all the children under the age of fifteen to be left on their own, under a dome from which they cant escape. The story follows the main character, Sam, and his friends and their fight to stay alive and do the same for others. I really like how well developed the characters are. And as the story goes on, you start to see how different they all are, which adds a nice sense of unrest to the story. I really, really enjoyed this first installment of the series.
If you could not tell already, I am kind of obsessed with book series. So its no surprise that the next book on my list is the second installment of a book series The Lunar Chronicles. I wrote about the first book, Cinder, in my Fall Reading List a few months ago. And because I loved the first one so much, and thought that there was no way they could end a book like that, I continued to read the series. With that, I am so happy to report that the second book is just as good as the first. Yes, the series can get a little confusing and stressful at times, but it just means that the author is good at creating that environment for the reader. The second book is about not just what Cinder is going through in the story but also what Scarlet is going through as well. While Cinder is trying to escape prison and evade the entire Commonwealth trying to find her, Scarlet is trying to find her Grandmother who has gone missing. Along with the help of Wolf, she sets out to go find her without knowing that she is leading onto one of the biggest held secrets of the Commonwealth that is literally out of this world. I really love how the story went from being a modern version of Cinderella to now having a darker version of Red Riding Hood as well. It truly is so interesting to read and see how the author expertly intertwines these two childhood tails together in a whole new and darker way.  
As I said before, I am currently loving the Gone Series by Michael Grant. And this book, Hunger, is the second book in the series. Just when I thought that the story and the characters could not go through anymore, the second story puts a whole new twist on the word Hunger. I love how as the story progresses, you start to see how the events that have and are taking place are effecting the characters directly. Some are breaking under the pressure while others are rising and striving. The second book continues with the same characters stuck in the FAYZ still but now they are left with not enough food to get by. It follows the quest and desperation that the characters have to go through in order to get a small morsel of food. From battles to simply having to murder, this second book has a little something for everyone. I think out of the two book, Hunger and Gone, this one was my favorite because I feel like the author started to get more creative and comfortable with testing the limits of mature reading. Yes it has some gruesome scenes, but the way he paints the picture you feel the scene more then you see it, if that even makes sense. Really a great addition to the series.
Thanks to the suggest of a incredible friend, Mary, I read this awesome book over my winter break. See, both Mary and I are advent readers and we were talking about some books that we thought the other should read and Mary suggested Black Ice. And just from her description, I wanted to read it. Even though the story was a little slow at first, once it did start, there was no stopping. I read it in one afternoon mostly because I could not put it down but also because it is not a really big or long book. I felt like I was thrown onto an emotional rollercoaster with the main character, Brit, and let me just say, she was thrown on a rollercoaster. I could not possibly think of how the story was going to take the turn that it did, which made it even harder for me to end it. The story is basically about Brit and how she wanted to spend her Spring Break with her friends backpacking in Teton Range. So when a blizzard hits, leaving Brit and her friend left in the cold, they are more then happy to enter into the warm cabin of two handsome men. Only to find out that they are both fugitives on the run and take Brit hostage. As she tries to lead these men off the mountain, she also tried to be smart enough to get away and stay ten steps ahead of them. But when things take a sudden twist, leaving Brit with Calvin, Brit is put to the real test. So when things start to change in their dangerous relationship, Brit is left with the choice to run or help Calvin once she learns his true story. I highly suggest this book for a nice little afternoon read. Thank you Mary for suggesting it to me!!
Another one of those books that completely surprised me was this one. I was given this book to read in my English class and I wont lie, I was dreading it. I thought it was going to be boring or too hard to read but oddly enough, it is starting to become one of my favorite books. I love how slower paced and well detailed the characters, scenes, and settings are described. Even though it is quite "old fashioned" as some would say, it really is a book that I think anyone could relate to. It has both romance, mystery, horror, and humor all mixed into it that makes it such a great read. The story follow Jane Eyre, and her hard and lonely life. But one day when she gets a job as a governess at Thornfield, her life takes an unexpected turn for the better. Along with having the chance to make friends with new and lovely people she also starts to develop feelings for the Master of the House, Mr. Rochester, and starts to find her own way in the world. I love Jane and her ability to be strong and think things through so clearly. Not to mention, I adore the relationship between Jane and Mr. Rochester, they are just so cute and witty together. It truly is one of those books that can make you a fan of reading.  
And there they are!! The books I have read over the past winter season. Even though I will miss winter, in some ways, I cant wait to be able to sit outside and read a nice book. Let me know in the comments below some books that you read over the past winter season. Thank you so much for stopping by and showing me love, I truly appreciate it. I hope you enjoyed and will come back next week. Until next time,


  1. Great reading list! Every book sounds interesting, I guess I'll have to visit library soon. :)

    Sara Wallflower

    1. Thank you! I hope you read one of these, they are pretty good. Thank you for the kind comment!!


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