Saturday, September 6, 2014

August Favorites

1) At a Glance Monthly Planner:
 With school year starting, comes a new year of due dates and confusion. To help with that confusion, I decided I needed a planner. And thanks to my incredible mom, you knows me all to well, got this one for me. Being the OCD person that I am, I need to have everything planed out and written down. And this planner lets me do that. It has clean, organized monthly sections with enough space for each day for me to write down important reminders for that day. Along with being helpful, it also happens to be extremely pretty. With blue being my favorite color, this planner is perfect for me. I love it to pieces!!

I try my best to not wear foundations or creams on a daily basis. But when I do, I have been using this great product. I had been looking for a foundation with a good SPF in it to help to protect my sensitive skin. I also wanted to find one that was not to thick. This BB bream does that for me. I have been using this cream so much in the last month. Another thing that I love is that I don't need a lot to help cover my face. This helps to make sure that I don't go through the product too quick, which is always great. 
The incredibly talented Troy Sivan, has released a beautiful new album. I knew from the moment he released the first song, Happy Little Pill, that we all were in for a treat. Troy Sivan has shown his amazing music skills on his YouTube channel before and has thousands and thousands of fans. But with the release of his new album, he has shown just how incredible the young star knows his music. The five songs on the album are each different from the last but still have this same kind of flow throughout it. Needless to say, I have been jamming out to these songs for quite a awhile now and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.
Even though I starting watching the show when it was on its fourth season, I am still so happy that I found it. I first saw the show late on night and could not stop watching. So when I went to look up the show the next morning, I was over the moon to find out that there are four seasons of the show that I still had to watch. And I HAD to watch them. For many of you wondering what the show is about, its basically about the aftermath and survival of the living humans left on Earth after an alien invasion has left the world in chaos and empty. Now I know your thinking, "oh another alien invasion show/movie." I know just how you feel, that's exactly what I said when I first saw it. But this show takes the whole subject of "Alien Invasion" to a whole new level. And its not all about aliens and survival. Its also about family, friends, and some love. It really is a great show from TNT and I cant wait for the final five season.
I am currently in love with Spotify. I am even using it right now while I write this. It is a great way to listen to music and create a awesome playlist that is all you. Not to mention, its free. You can of course upgrade for more features but I am currently just fine with the free version. I also like that they also provide SO many playlists for just about any mood or occasion. I am currently in love with the playlist of Todays Top Hits, Sexy as Folk, Back2College, and so many more. Its a great place to look up and discover new music and artists.  
I haven't talked about any books that I have read for quite awhile. And its not that I haven't been reading, because I defiantly have. But I will be uploading soon, some favorite books I have been loving. But I had to mention this incredible book that I read last month. I ended up crying half way through the book. It had so many different things going on in it, that I don't quite know how to describe it. I would say that it is a family/friend/love/growing up/cancer/loss kind of book. Is that a category?? Oh I know, a life story. Second chance summer is about a teenager named Taylor who recently found out with her family that their father had cancer and has about three months to live. The family decides to spend their last summer with their father at his favorite spot, their lake house. Taylor tells the story of fixing old friendships and past relationships awhile trying to come to terms with the soon to be loss of her father. It was such an emotional, incredible book that I will read again soon.
Well that is all for my August Favorites!! I could go on forever but I don't want to bore you to much. Even though I did not have a lot of "beauty" favorites this month, I will this month. I say this because with Fall starting, I will be putting together my Autumn wardrobe. So I look forward to that very much. Thank you guys again for over 500 views. It means so much to me and I cant wait to reach future milestones with all of you. So thank you!! Well that is all my loves. Until next time,

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